Veneered panels are semi-finished wood products used in interior design for the production of furniture and furnishings. They consist of a raw panel veneered with natural, dyed or reconstituted veneer. We can produce different types of panels depending on their use.
Production begins with the selection of the veneer based on the species, quality and length, according to the specifications of the panel requested by the customer. After being properly selected, the packs are cut: an initial cut is made to create the desired length and a second longitudinal cut is made to ensure that the matched sheets are as parallel as possible.
The high level of technology that we use makes it possible to simultaneously longitudinally cut and glue the pack. After this has been done, the pack is sent directly to the splicers using  an automatic sorting system. The splicers glue or edge splicing the sheets of veneer depending on the type of matching specified in  the order instructions: book, slip or plank. The matched sheet of veneer is then pressed on the required type of support and then squared and packaged. 

Upon specific request we can supply BRUSHED (3D effect) and VARNISHED panels.