Veneers are thin sheets of wood with a thickness of 0.6 mm to about 3 mm used in the furniture and furnishings industry for the production of veneered panels, which are then turned into finished furniture and furnishings.
Veneers were the first ecological solution adopted by the wood industry: in fact, veneers greatly reduce wood consumption, optimize the use of all parts of the log and cost less than solid wood.

Veneer is the soul of the wood, its highest artistic and natural expression. Its colours, shapes and structures uniquely characterize each log.

There are numerous species of wood in nature, each with its own unique characteristics. Wood is a living material and therefore every log, even from the same species, is unique and different from all the others.
Listed below, are some of the main types of veneer that we process.

“Important: the photos and associated technical data sheets are purely indicative of the quality and characteristics of the veneer.”